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i am back with a new post! who’s a shopaholic? i know i am! i also know first hand how expensive it is to have this addiction 😉 i found this website there Facebook, called Dress Lily , it is a website for all thing clothing from men, women, even children clothes are sold on this website, and they have UNREAL deals, you guys have to check it out for yourself, believe me you won’t regret it! order a lot of my clothes on lone on this website and they never disappoint. Click the link :)))

have a beautiful weekend

DIY Pallet Projects

Create the cutest pieces of artwork and furniture with a very common object! pallets have been a huge trend lately, pier one imports, home sense, all these large furniture providers are one step head with the pallet trend, only problem with that is that all these pieces are very expensive. create your own pallet project and put your own spin on each item. Click the link 🙂

DIY Coffee Table

This is the cutest DIY project i have done in a while! found this on pointers and had to try it out for myself! Cost efficient but still looks very expensive! such a fun project! check it out

TOOLS- 2 Wooden pallets, Hand saw,  nail gun(or nails and a hammer), crowbar, paintbrush, wood stain, and iron legs.

First Appartment?

first time moving? no need to stress, use these links to see a first time renter or home buyers needs all in one link. Print it out, and you have an organized checklist of everything you need.

Tip- If you have an ikea in your area, it wouldn’t hurt visiting one, they have fantastic deals on products that would be perfect for first time movers that is cost efficient and affordable.

DIY Picture Wall

A very cute and easy way to spice up your rooms are picture walls. The has personality and sparkle to every room that needs a little pick me up! use the link for free tumblr inspired print outs. You can easy pick up cheap and cute frames from micheals and paint and decorate the frames the way you want too. 🙂 happy DIYing


Hello internet world!

Hey beautiful human beings of the internet! My name is Emma, and i have a huge passion for fashion & interior design. There’s one huge set back to this, getting the latest trends and urban designs can be quite pricey. We all want to save as much money as we can, because for most of the population money doesn’t just grow on trees! My ideas are going to be the way to get the cute trendy ideas without draining your bank account!  Anything from DIYS to links to websites for deals on the same product. Keep tuned in for weekly updates 🙂